“The Royal Signals Museum is the showcase of Royal Signals’ ethos and heritage. Its displays illustrate how the past has shaped the Corps’ modern form. The museum is located, with its archive, inside Blandford Camp in Dorset and is open to the general public. The staff also run an interactive outreach programme at schools and other locations around the UK, demonstrating many of the technologies and techniques used by the Corps.
The diverse displays include The History of Military Communications from the Napoleonic War to date; Codes and Code Breaking and the story of Interception and Electronic Warfare from its birth in World War 1; Spies and Secret Agents “Y” Service and SOE, SAS and Special Forces; Modern Electronic Warfare, Interception and Cyber Warfare. Security. The displays are bought to life through a series of interactive activities and personal stories such as First World War Signals Officers A A Milne and J R R Tolkien. “



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  • Monday 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
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