Based in our Robertson House office, our team currently comprises the Business Manager, Museums and Heritage Coordinator and Governance and Communications Officer. Working closely with the Trustees, our team carries out the work of AMOT, whether that’s giving network updates, museum support and, of course, creating and running the AMOT Annual Conference. 

Museums and Heritage Coordinator - Dr Andrew Bamford

Dr Andrew Bamford is AMOT’s Museums and Heritage Coordinator. He is a military historian and author, whose research has mostly been on the British Army circa 1740-1815 with a focus on the evolution and functioning of the regimental system. This research became the focus of his first book, which presented the findings of his PhD research. He later went on to test those conclusions with a case-study that looked at the regimental history of the 12th Light Dragoons in the Napoleonic Era, which was produced with the support and assistance of the 9th/12th Royal Lancers Museum and drew heavily on items from their archives. Elsewhere he has written on the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745 and Sir Thomas Graham’s 1814 campaign in the Low Countries, and he is currently editing a volume on amphibious warfare in the long eighteenth century.

Before joining AMOT he worked in the academic and publishing sectors, most recently as founding editor of Helion and Company’s ‘From Reason to Revolution 1721-1815’ book series, and has also worked with local regimental museums both as a volunteer researcher and as a freelance contractor on an education project. He is an active member of the Society for Army Historical Research and has served for many years on its Council, most recently as Hon. Secretary. A Yorkshireman by birth, Andrew now lives in Staffordshire with his wife Lucy and their cocker spaniel Luna.

Business Manager - Clarinda Snowball

Clarinda Snowball has joined AMOT after a career of project management in industry and public events, working in school administration and the charity sector.

With an eye and ear on family military matters both in England and Scotland, she has found it a smooth transition and very proud making to now be working in the heart of it.

After living 35 years in Scotland, Clarinda is now settled in West Sussex and continues to cheer loudly for Scotland in the rugby!


Governance and Communications Coordinator - Rosie Harvey

Rosie Harvey is AMOT’s Governance and Communications Officer, looking after the internal and external communications of the Charity. She is  a recent graduate from Durham University, and is embarking on a career in communications and wider administration. At university, she read Classics, English and Philosophy, and wrote her dissertation on tracking narrative transformations from Ovid to Shakespeare. Her professional experience lies mainly in communications: she has been a Strategic Communications Intern for a City of London consulting agency, and worked as a communications administrator for a London Orchestra and Opera Company. She is qualified in Email Marketing, and is keen to learn all the facets of communications throughout her career. Both of her parents have a military background, giving her an understanding of the role of communications both internally and externally of the Army. 

Rosie is also a keen musician: she has played the viola for more than 16 years, and has recently taken up the harp. During her time at Durham, she was part of four different orchestras, a choir, and set up her own string quartet to play at university events. She is currently part of the Social London Orchestra, and enjoys bringing music to her friends and family in a multitude of ways.