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Whether you want to visit a museum in person, look at art online, research family history, or find advice on how to look after items of military heritage, we are here to help.  The Trust is linked with over 140 museums and collections of military history, all as varied and individual as the regiments they represent. They are a rich source of historical information and provide unique insights into the inspirational deeds of courage, bravery and good-humoured fortitude that have characterised the British Army though the centuries. These collections and their archives have something of interest for all, from Old Comrades to the adventurous young, and from the serious student of military history to the casual visitor.

AMOT is a sector specialist network; as the only national organisation representing and supporting regimental and corps museums throughout Britain, AMOT also encourages the public to engage with and help identify and preserve military heritage. AMOT provides advocacy, advice and funding.

Principal activities

The provision of advocacy, advice and funding in the following ways.

  • We represent the individual and collective views of regimental and corps museums in dealings with the Ministry of Defence, Local Authorities and other Government Departments and their Agencies.
  • We participate in the development of Ministry of Defence policy towards museums to ensure that the interests and concerns of museum trustees are properly represented.
  • We track developments in policy and best practice and relay that information to regimental and corps museums through regular conferences, newsletters, strategy papers and visits.
  • We provide legal and specialist advice and assistance with the constitution, structure and registration of existing and projected museums, including the creation of new trusts to embrace the collections of several pre-existing museums.
  • We arrange suitable training for the staff and governing bodies of regimental and corps museums.
  • We provide grants to fund a wide range of projects and activities undertaken by regimental and corps museums.
  • In conjunction with other agencies we secure for the trustees of regimental and corps museums the best available advice on such professional matters as the protection, conservation, preservation and presentation of their collections and the operation and further development of their museums.
  • We provide this website, approved by the Ministry of Defence, as the definitive internet guide to regimental and corps museums.


AMOT charitable objectives

Charitable objectives of Army Museums Ogilby Trust