Royal Scots Regimental Museum

About This Museum

The Museum, which is situated within Edinburgh Castle, tells the story in chronological order and displays the collections of both the oldest infantry regiment in the British Army, The Royal Scots, raised under the authority of King Charles 1 by Sir John Hepburn in 1633, and Scotland’s youngest regiment, The Royal Regiment of Scotland, formed by the merger of the six surviving regular and two territorial (now Army Reserve) Scottish infantry regiments on 28 March 2006.

Since 1633 The Royal Scots, under a number of changing names, and, latterly, the other Scottish infantry regiments, known worldwide for their fierce fighting spirit, have given unbroken service during which loyalty to the Crown. Our story of service in every corner of the world reflects the history of Britain and its Empire. The victories and defeats still shape the world we live in. The story of the Regiment is told in chronological order on pictorial wall panels supported by maps, display cases, tableaux and dioramas. The medal collection is too large to be openly displayed and therefore only a selection is on view.

The Royal Scots Regimental archive and library are on site and may be viewed by appointment.