Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia) Museum

About This Museum

This volunteer-run museum of the Senior Regiment of the Reserve Army – the sole survivor of the Militia – covers the history of the Regiment from its initial mustering in 1539.  Displays include uniforms, weapons, insignia, medals, drawings, books and documents.  Coverage of the Regiment’s recent activities includes exhibits related to operations in Iraq. The museum’s display focuses on the Militia system and the Regiment’s links with the powerful Dukes of Beaufort, the local gentry, and Monmouth town. The Regimental Colours and the Freedoms of towns are on view, and exhibits recount the Regiment’s service in the Militia and the Boer War, and in the two World Wars, and more recent conflicts. Archaeological artefacts illustrate the earliest defences of Monmouth – and a small section deals with Henry V, the victor of Agincourt, who was born in Monmouth Castle in 1387. Mine clearance, the Home Front and Women’s roles, and HMS Monmouth are also featured.

The Regimental archives may be viewed by appointment.