Military Intelligence Museum

About This Museum

The Military Intelligence Museum displays key elements of the history of British Military Intelligence. Combining the Intelligence Corps collection of artefacts with tales of bravery and derring do with the Medmenham Collection of aerial imagery and reconnaissance analysis highlighting the use of 3D imagery in the first world war and then again with huge success in WWII. Complementing them are smaller collections covering the Y Service radio intercept operation in Chicksands during the war and the joint service BRIXMIS mission in Cold War East Germany. The museum also acknowledges the time the American forces were stationed at Chicksands, collecting intelligence from around the world with a huge intercept aerial called the Elephant Cage.

Highlights of our museum are the SOE display housing a complete collection of artefacts brought over from post-war France and displayed in an innovative diorama with touch-screen displays bringing it to life.

Visitors are very welcome. But, because the museum is located on a working military unit, all visits are by appointment only – further details can be found on our website. There are two steps to the front door, but if required, there is a ramp at the side of the building suitable for wheelchair access. Please allow two hours for your visit. It is not a large museum, but there are a lot of things to see. The museum is probably not suitable for children under ten, there are limited attractions for younger children. We are happy to take bookings for parties of one to 30. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call and speak to us. We are Sharing the Secret; come and see for yourselves.