Fusilier Museum, Bury

About This Museum

The Fusilier Museum in Bury tells the exciting story of one of Lancashire’s most famous Regiments. The Regiment of 6VCs before breakfast at Gallipoli, indeed the regiment that earned more VCs in the First World War than any other infantry regiment in the British Army.

The archive and displays illustrate the stories of famous members of the Regiment from Wolfe storming Quebec and Ross burning the White House, to the Regiment’s connection with Napoleon and Tolkein and the creation of Lord of the Rings.

The regimental library and archive are on site and may be viewed by appointment. The museum has moved from Wellington Barracks to the centre of Bury, and opened on 27th June 2009. The museum has a new collection, that of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

Although the Regiment was formed in 1968, this is the first time the Regiment has had its own museum and place to commemorate its history from the streets of Northern Ireland to Afghanistan, the Regiment’s most recent operational deployment.