Bankfield Museum

About This Museum

The Museum houses the Duke of Wellington’s Regimental Collection.  This illustrates the history of the Regiment from the raising of the 33rd Foot in 1702 and the 76th Foot in 1787 to the present day.  The Museum has undergone a recent redesign to tell the story of the Regiment ‘through the eyes’ of the soldiers who served in it.  There is a strong emphasis on the unique traditions of the Regiment and its links with the West Riding of Yorkshire.

Each period case focuses on two or three soldiers and tells their story in their own words through recordings and displays of their life in “The Dukes”.  Other exhibits relate to the local Volunteer, Militia and Territorial Forces and there are display of objects associated with the Iron Duke himself and the Regiment’s heritage as a name synonymous with Rugby in the British Army.

Modern museum techniques using audio recordings and touch screen computers enable access the Regimental photographic collection. Access to the Regimental archive is by appointment.