Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Regimental Museum

About This Museum

This rich collection covers the history of the Regiment from its raising in Stirling in 1794. It occupies eight rooms and is divided into periodical sections which include the Crimea where the Regiment formed:

the Thin Red Line
the Indian Mutiny
the Boer War
both World Wars
the Regiment’s more recent operational deployments
Stories of military courage and gallantry are set in the human context of the Scottish communities from which the Regiment drew its soldiers and its strength. Objects on display include personal items, Regimental Colours, pipe banners, silver, trophies, medals and various items of period uniform and equipment, paintings and prints with an emphasis on associated eye-witness accounts and related anecdotes. There are dioramas and a realistic model of a WW1 trench.

Access to the archives is available by appointment. Historical enquiries regarding the Regiment or museum can be sent to the postal or e-mail address listed.