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The Museum tells the story of generations of soldiers, from the raising of the Regiment in 1756 through to Regimental life today. The Museum’s Ladysmith Gallery (re-developed in 2002) tells our story chronologically, covering major actions such as the American War of Independence, New-Zealand, the Crimea, South Africa, both World Wars and the Malayan Emergency. The Gallery also houses over 1800 medals including 6 Victoria Cross Groups as well as a reconstruction of a First World War trench. The Forshaw Gallery (Re-developed in 2006) covers themed aspects of our story including recreation, daily routine, the soldier as collector, regimental insignia, regimental dress, Mess Life and some of our Regimental Treasures. The Gallery also includes a reconstruction of a Barrack Room from Ladysmith Barracks and original Army Jeep as well as many family-friendly interactives that bring our story to life for the whole family. The Special Exhibition space changes every 6 months. This space highlights a lesser-known aspect of our story and gives repeat visitors something new to see each time they visit’.

The Regimental Archives are deposited with Tameside Local Studies and Archives Centre, Just 10 minutes walk from the Museum. For more information please contact the Archive Centre directly on 0161 342 4242.


2nd Battalion of the 8th Regiment of Foot, 63rd Regiment of Foot, 63rd (West Suffolk) Regiment of Foot, 2nd Battalion of the 63rd (West Suffolk) Regiment of Foot. 96th Regiment of Foot, 96th (British Musqueteers) Regiment of Foot, 96th (Minorca) Regiment of Foot, 97th (Queen’s German) Regiment of Foot, 97th (Queen’s Own Royal) Regiment of Foot, the Manchester Regiment. 104th Regiment (Royal Manchester Volunteers) 1794. 6th Royal Lancashire Militia later 5th (militia Battalion) and 6th (militia) Battalion, later still 3rd (reserve) and 4th (extra reserve) Battalions. Loyal Wigan Infantry, Hulme Volunteers, Manchester and Salford Volunteer Infantry, St George’s Volunteers, 1st Manchester and Salford Volunteers, 2nd Manchester and Salford Volunteers, Ashton-under-Lyne Volunteers, Loyal Oldham Volunteers. The following Lancashire Rifle Volunteers Corps: 4th, 6th (1st Manchester), 7th, 16th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 26th, 28th (2nd Manchester), 31st, 33rd, 40th (3rd Manchester), 43rd, 46th, 55th, 60th, 67th, 70th, 76th, 78th (4th Manchester), 91st. 1-6th Volunteer Battalions of the Manchester Regiment. 5-10th Territorial Force Battalions of the Manchester Regiment (2nd and third line Battalions of each unit). 11-13th (Service) Battalions. 14th (Reserve) Battalion. 15th Battalion was not formed. 16th (1st City) Battalion (Pals/Service Battalion). 17th (2nd City) Battalion (Pals/Service Battalion). 18th (3rd City) Battalion (Pals/Service Battalion). 19th (4th City) Battalion (Pals/Service Battalion). 20th (5th City) Battalion (Pals/Service Battalion). 21st (6th City) Battalion (Pals/Service Battalion). 22nd (7th City) Battalion (Pals/Service Battalion). 23rd (8th City) Battalion (Pals/Service Battalion & Bantam Battalion). 24th Oldham (Pioneers) Battalion (Pals/Service Battalion). 25th – 27th (Reserve) Battalions. 28th Battalion. 1st Garrison Battalion. 2nd (Home Service) Garrison Battalion. 51st (Graduated) Battalion. 52nd (Graduated) Battalion. 53rd (Young Soldier) Battalion. 6/7th Battalion of the Manchester Regiment. 5 – 9th Territorial Army Battalions of the Manchester Regiment (including 2/9th Battalion). The Ardwick and Ashton Volunteers. 5th/8th Volunteer Battalion of The King’s Regiment. Manchester and Salford University Officer Training Corps. Home Guard Battalions of the Manchester Regiment: 23rd Lancashire (Oldham) Battalion, 25th Lancashire (Leigh) Battalion, 26th Lancashire (Wigan) Battalion, 44th Lancashire (Stretford) Battalion, 45th Lancashire (Ford Motors Trafford Park) Battalion, 46th (South Manchester/Renold Chains) Battalion, 47th (Wythenshawe) Battalion, 48th (Manchester/Ardwick) Battalion, 49th (A V Roe, Newton Heath) Battalion, 50th (Ancoats) Battalion, 51st (Ashton-under-Lyne) Battalion, 56th (Manchester/Post Office) Battalion, 58th (Manchester/Post Office) Battalion, 59th (Manchester/Post Office) Battalion, 61st (Manchester University) Battalion, 63rd (A V Roe Chadderton) Battalion. In addition to 5 Home Guard Rocket Batteries. cap badged to the Manchester Regiment. 1952-1955c.: 1st (Wigan) Reserve Battalion, 5th (Oldham) Reserve Battalion, 10th (Cheetham) Reserve Battalion, 11th (Ardwick) Reserve Battalion, 12th (Withington) Reserve Battalion, 13th (Stretford) Reserve Battalion. Small collection for the King’s Regiment and Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment with Tameside focus.


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The Museum of the Manchester Regiment is currently closed whilst the redevelopment of the Town Hall is taking place. Please check website for updates.




The Town Hall, Market Place, Ashton-under-Lyne, OL6 6DL

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In the town centre near railway, bus station and car parks.