The Military Intelligence Museum

JFC, Chicksands, Shefford SG17 5PR

The Military Intelligence Museum is the only museum in the United Kingdom that showcases the often-secret work of the men and women of military intelligence, from the Napoleonic era onwards. The tactics and techniques, equipment, operations and the people are revealed as we ‘Share the Secret’ with visitors.
The exhibition and collection are rooted in the Intelligence Corps but elements of Royal Navy and Royal Air Force intelligence sit alongside those of the Army and the museum offers a wide-ranging and truly unique experience.
The museum also includes impressive, interactive displays revealing the work of the Y-Service (signals interception), BRIXMIS (Cold War intelligence collection disguised as ‘liaison’), the Special Operations Executive, The Medmenham Collection (Imagery Analysis) and many, many other facets of military intelligence.
Guided tours, led by military intelligence veterans, are offered and help place the artefacts and human stories in context and give visitors an opportunity to hear about the shadowy world of intelligence, security and espionage directly from the horse’s mouth. Family friendly activities and educational trails are also available.



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