The Gurkha Museum is an accredited heritage institution responsible for over 200 years of history related to the service of Nepalese Gurkha soldiers to Britain. It is based in a former barrack block on the site of Peninsula Barracks in Winchester alongside 5 other military museums (collectively referred to as ‘Winchester’s Military Museums’). It arrived at this site in 1990 after moving from its original museum site in Church Crookham, where it had been established in 1974. It houses a range of collections and displays, currently focusing on the cultural origins of Gurkhas in Nepal, and then chronologically following their service history, beginning in 1815 with the Anglo-Nepal war, through the 19th century, both World Wars and more modern conflicts such as the Falklands War.
Its collections reflect this historical range, comprising a mix of military material (uniforms, insignia, badges and medals) weapons (both firearms and hand-combat weapons, including many example of the Gurkha’s iconic knife, the Kukri), cultural material (Nepalese items of dress, jewelry and artwork) and silver (ranging from officer’s gifts to Nepalese crafted silver items). In addition the museum also houses an extensive archive of historical documents, paperwork and photos connected to Gurkha service, dating back to the late 18th century, ranging from collections of officer’s private paperwork to historical accounts of campaigns and engagements to albums of photographs taken across the theatres in which Gurkhas have served.



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