Many of you will have seen the fantastic presentation at the 2016 AMOT Annual Conference by Art UK’s Andrew Ellis, showing the scale and scope of artworks on their website. Art UK is the online home for artworks owned by public collections across the UK, showing over 200,000 pieces from over 3,000 public venues.

Become an Art UK Partner

AMOT has teamed up with Art UK to fund a partnership for all regimental collections in the UK for three years. As an Art UK Partner, you can take advantage of many additional features on art UK beyond simply showing your paintings on the website. There is more information in the brochures at the bottom of this page.

Being involved in Art UK helps you to make your art collections better know to audiences in the UK and further afield. If you choose to do so, you can also include your images in the Art UK Shop, and benefit from an opportunity to generate income from your collection by print-on-demand and image licensing.

If your paintings are not included in Art UK’s website (or on its predecessor BBC Your Paintings) we would like them to be included. You simply need to provide Art UK with information about your collection, details about the relevant artworks, and high quality images of these artworks. These images will then be listed on Art UK. If you do not have high quality images, Art Uk can provide competitive rates to digitise them for you.

Formerly known as BBC Your Paintings, the site was relaunched in February 2016 as Art Uk. If your paintings were featured on BBC Your Paintings, they have now been transferred across to Art UK.

Please contact Camilla Stewart for more information –