Durham Light Infantry Museum

How to get here:

About half a mile north of Durham City ce n tre signposted off A691.

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The museum tells the story of The Durham Light Infantry, from its formation in 1758 to its absorption into The Light Infantry in 1968, with particular emphasis on the two World Wars. Displays include uniforms, weapons, equipment, photographs and battlefield relics. The museum's outstanding Medal Room has eight original Victoria Crosses on show. For researchers, the DLI's archive is held by Durham County Record Office (03000 267619). The Archive catalogue, including all DLI photographs, is available on-line on the DCRO's website.

Durham Light Infantry, (Durham) Light Infantr y , 68th (or the Durham) Regiment of Foot, 68 th Regiment of Foot, 106th Bombay Light Infantry, 2 n d European Regiment Bombay Light Infantry (Ho n ourable East India Company), 2nd Bombay E urop e an R egiment of Foot (Honourable East India Company), Durham Militia, Rifl e Volunteers and Home Guard

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