The Army Museums Ogilby Trust is a registered charity founded in 1954 by the late Colonel Robert Ogilby DSO
Army Museums and British army regiments

The AMOT website is approved by the Ministry of Defence as the definitive guide to the regimental and corps museums of the British Army throughout the United Kingdom.

Army Museums Ogilby Trust
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Army Museums Ogilby Trust

The Army Museums Ogilby Trust is the only national organisation that represents, supports and promotes the regimental and corps museums of the British Army. As an independent private charity it relies entirely on its own resources and the generosity of others to fund its work.

136 military museums to be discovered
in the UK
136 Military Museums to be discovered

“AMOT is not a large organization but it is widely acknowledged that no other single body has done more for the development of Army museums, and hence for the preservation of our military heritage.” Review of Army Museums Policy 2006.

The Trust makes no charge to the museums it supports, or to users of this website, but its activities are increasingly expensive. If you would like to make a donation, it would enable us to increase our grants programme and produce direct benefit to museums across the United Kingdom.

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