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Welcome to the Army Museums Ogilby Trust

The Army Museums Ogilby Trust is a private charity founded in 1954 by the late Colonel Robert Ogilby DSO, DL whose wartime experiences made him a passionate believer in the inspirational power of regimental identity on the British soldier’s fighting spirit.

As a measure of success, today the Trust is linked with well over one hundred such museums throughout the United Kingdom, all as varied and individual as the regiments they represent. They are a rich source of historical information and they provide unique insights into the inspirational deeds of courage, bravery and good-humoured fortitude that have characterised the British Army through the centuries.

In addition to the collections that are so proudly displayed, most of them possess valuable records and other archive material. They have something of interest for all, from Old Comrades to the adventurous young and from the serious student of military history to the casual visitor.



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